St Mary’s Star of the Sea


Masses in our parish will resume on Friday 29 May 2020 12:05pm

In order to resume the communal celebration of the Mass, Government and
Health requirements and the commitment expressed by our ANZ Bishops
identify the following prerequisites:
 within our churches physical distancing of 1 metre
 indoor gatherings of up to and not exceeding 100 people
 rigorous public health and hygiene measures
 people at high risk of severe illness (older people and those with existing medical conditions) are encouraged
to stay at home
Having extensively explored on what of these entail by way of practical application with regards to the celebration
of Mass, we are able to share the decisions below with you.

Masses in our parish will resume on Friday 29 May 2020

First of all however, we would like to reiterate that should you feel the need to wear a mask and/or gloves, when
visiting any of our parish churches or participating in any Sacrament or Liturgy, we encourage you to do so.
Maintaining one’s physical and psychological wellbeing throughout this time of uncertainty is parament ��
Weekday Masses – days & times as per normal however these will take now place in the church.
To reduce the area required to be cleaned after every Mass, you are asked to sit in the rows closest to the altar.
N.B. at this stage the Sunshine Bus will not be resuming their services however the Gisborne Taxi service
continues to operate.
Sunday Masses
Gisborne Saturday 6pm (Vigil), Sunday 9am and Sunday 5pm
Spreading our attendance over these 3 options should meet the 100 max participants per gathering
without anyone being turned away!
N.B. whilst under Level 2 there will be no cups of tea/coffee after Mass on Sundays ☹
Coast and Matawai as per normal days/times but using the same precautions that will be put in place for St
Parishioners who previously travelled from the city to these churches are requested to consider
the integrity of wellbeing for the parishioners who live in those outlying areas.
Prior to the Saturday Vigil and for the x2 Sunday Masses, one left and one right external door will be opened with
hand sanitizer on a stand directly inside these entrances.
N.B. with external and internal doors open, it is anticipated that the Aircom will not be turned on ☹ . Burrrr
Come to Mass suitably prepared.
This will be available inside the the outer doors of the church; at the foot of the sanctuary for the use of our Leaders
& Readers and on the altar for the presider and deacon.

FOYER – Vigil & Sunday Masses
 two entry points from x2 outer doors i.e. one on each side
 x4 small tables & chairs – spread out across the foyer area
 each table to have pens & a spreadsheet with 25 spaces on which to record attendees = 100
 a designated person will be stationed at each desk to record names & contact tracing details
N.B. When coming to Mass please consider the additional time that distancing and the recording of details
will take i.e. consider coming to Mass ‘early’
 These will resume on Friday
 Prior to Friday and Sunday Masses, the newsletters will be left on the Attendance Desks for parishioners to
uplift themselves. They will not be handed out as per former practice
HYMNALS, PSALM BOOKS – removed from church and chapel
 To assist us maintain the 1 metre distance requirements, each end of every second row of seating has been
blocked off.
N.B. Whilst in the church, chapel or foyer, individuals and family groups will need to stay in our ‘bubble space’
and not compromise the integrity of another’s ‘bubble space’
SETTING UP FOR MASSES – no lay sacristan involvement
 To minimalize the risk of cross contamination, the presiding priest will attend to all aspects needed in
setting up for Mass including switching on of lights & sound system.
CRYING ROOM – unable to be used for Masses (this is now the Sacred Space for Reconciliation)
 If a parent/guardian needs to take a child out of Mass they can access the foyer space and assume
responsibility for hygiene and distancing
ALTAR SERVERS – ministry withheld at present
These ministries will continue albeit with some changes. Chris Goodwin is contacting all those on these rosters re
LAY EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS – ministry withheld at present
All have chosen to withhold their ministry at present so the music of our hymns and Mass Parts will be embedded in
the PowerPoints and played through the sound system
CHILDREN’S LITURGY – suspended at present
MARIAN FAMILY GROUP – suspended at present
OFFERTORY – suspended at present
COLLECTION – financial offerings
 baskets will be placed on Attendance Desks and we are invited to place our Offering into these as we leave
the church.
N.B. If you haven’t already your Pledge Envelopes, these are in the church foyer for you to pick up

HOLY COMMUNION – Consecrated Host only and on hand only; BLESSING over the head i.e. no touching
 After using Hand Sanitizer, Priest and Deacon will administer Communion
 As per previous practice, Communion will be taken down to the mobility impaired first
 Others……please wait for his return ��
 When both priest and deacon together, come up in single file down the centre of aisle. Endeavour to
maintain 1metre distance to those parishioners who are not in your bubble
 At the mark on the floor then go either left or right to receive the Host or a Blessing
 So as to maintain the 1 metre distance, the Priest/Deacon and recipient will need to extend their arms
Standing at the tape ensures both are able to do this comfortably i.e. without strain
N.B. if you would normally receive the Host but currently feel uncomfortable doing so, please still come up
and indicate you would like a Blessing
 The priest will leave during the final hymn as per normal.
 The rows at the back of the church will be invited to follow him ….like a funeral except back row first
 Please check you have not left leaflets or tissues on the seats you have occupied.
N.B. Due to limited space, gathering in the foyer is discouraged
So long as we maintain the 1 metre distance requirements and do not block access ways, we can chat
N.B. in keeping with government & health directives, all parts of the foyer, toilet block, church and equipment
that have been accessed, will be wiped down with sanitizing solution after every Mass.

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