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Posted 27 May 2020:The Resurrection of the Body?—Dr. Scott Hahn.

Posted 22 April 2020:Scott Hahn on whether COVID-19 is punishment from God.

Posted 15 April 2020:Are We Living in the End Times? See the new site: www.CountdowntotheKingdom.com – Heaven is Speaking.

Posted 8 April 2020:Cardinal Pell acquitted – conviction quashed.

Posted 1 April 2020:Sr. Agnes Oct 6th MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN – And NOW This PANDEMIC!

Posted 27 March 2020:POWERFUL! – Bishop Strickland takes the BLESSED SACRAMENT to the Streets of Tyler TX!

Posted 18 March 2020:Coronavirus – Masses CANCELLED – We Should Be Weeping… But For What Reason?.

Posted 11 March 2020:The Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist – Bishop Barron 2020 Religious Education Congress.

Posted 4 March 2020:The Church doesn’t believe in gay marriage but do we still welcome people who identify as gay.

Posted 26 February 2020:A Priest Offers His Suffering for Victims: Fr John Hollowell.

Posted 19 February 2020:Jerry & Debbie – Feb 19, 2020- Catholicism and the LGBTQ Community.

Posted 5 February 2020:Priestly Celibacy: Should we drop it? with Fr John Hollowell.

Posted 29 January 2020:President Trump March for Life 2020 full speech.

Posted 8 January 2020:Non-Catholic Christians, we need your help in the Catholic Church like never before.

Posted 25 December 2019:This Isn’t the Sentimental Christmas Story You’ve Heard…

Posted 18 December 2019:Derya Little Islamic convert speaks with Matt Fradd.

Posted 11 December 2019:The Deep Prayer Life of Fulton Sheen.

Posted 4 December 2019:The Scapegoating of Cardinal Pell—Andrew Bolt.

Posted 20 November 2019:EWTN Live – 2013-01-09 – Bishop Athanasius Schneider, ORC. Aux. Bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan.

Posted 13 November 2019:The Story of Exodus 90 in 7 minutes W/ Co-Founder James Baxter.

Posted 6 November 2019:World Over – 2019-10-31 – Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo.

Posted 30 October 2019:World Over – 2019-10-24 – Cardinal Gerhard Müller with Raymond Arroyo.

Posted 23 October 2019:Episode 14: Amazon Synod Update with Dr. Matthew Bunson.

Posted 17 October 2019:Church approved Akita apparitions and Sister Sasagawa.

Posted 9 October 2019:Ray Comfort DEVASTATED when RICHARD DAWKINS said THIS!.

Posted 2 October 2019:In this first episode, John Allen talks about what to expect from the upcoming Synod for the Amazon.

Posted 25 September 2019:Fr. Gerald Murray, canon lawyer and priest of the Archdiocese of New York and Robert Royal, editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing.org analyse the Pope’s recent comments on his critics in America.

Posted 18 September 2019:Follow case against David Daleiden & Sandra Merritt for uncovering Planned Parenthood sale of body parts of aborted babies.

Posted 11 September 2019:What’s your opinion? – Fr. Mark Goring.

Posted 4 September 2019:The Sexual Roots of Identity Politics—Mary Eberstadt.

Posted 21 August 2019:How Christian Ethics Lead to Prosperity – Brian Holdsworth.

Posted 14 August 2019:Five Things That Prevent Mass Shooters.

Posted 7 August 2019:Bishop Barron on Catholics Misunderstanding the Eucharist.

Posted 31 July 2019:World Over – 2019-07-11 – Full Episode with Raymond Arroyo Fulton Sheen Beatification.

Posted 24 July 2019:James Tour: The Origin of Life Has Not Been Explained.

Posted 17 July 2019:Bishop Barron-Three Reasons Young People are Losing Faith and Leaving the Church

Posted 10 July 2019:World Over -2019-07-04 Independence day special with three heroes Raymond Arroyo

Posted 3 July 2019:Fr. Mark Goring – Eucharistic Miracle of Sokółka, Poland

Posted 26 June 2019: Dr. Scott Hahn on how the The holy Eucharist made him Catholic!

Posted 19 June 2019:The Appeal of Cardinal Pell—Peter Westmore.

Posted 12 June 2019:Jim Caviezel’s Tribute to the Virgin Mary, Mother of All Peoples.

Posted 5 June 2019:The real presence in the Eucharist – Bishop Barron.

Posted 29 May 2019:How Badly Was the New Testament Corrupted? – Veritas at SDSU (2018).

Posted 15 May 2019:Bishop Barron’s New Book on the Sexual Abuse Crisis.

Posted 8 May 2019:Peter Kreeft on The Eric Metaxas Show.

Posted 1 May 2019:Divine Mercy Chaplet – Fr Rob Galea, Natasha and Gary Pinto.

Posted 24 April 2019:Is Marriage Done For?—Dr. Scott Hahn.

Posted 17 April 2019: EWTN World Over News – CARDINAL GERHARD MÜLLER, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s recent letter, “The Church and the Scandal of Sexual Abuse”.

Posted 10 April 2019:Why do Catholics Veil Images on Passion Sunday (5th Sunday) of Lent? (Dr Marshall).

Posted 3 April 2019:Standing Up to the Trans Mob—Caroline Farrow.

Posted 20 March 2019:World Over – Cardinal Pell.

Posted 13 March 2019: The Show Trial of Cardinal Pell—George Weigel.

Posted 6 March 2019: Innocent or guilty we do not know but was the Cardinal Pell verdict “Beyond all reasonable doubt”?

Posted 27 February 2019:Alfred Kinsey: Father of the Sexual Revolution—Dr. Judith Reisman..

Posted 20 February 2019:Compelling pro-life speaker – Patricia Sandoval.

Posted 13 February 2019:Nick Sandmann: Are Your Catholic Sons Ready for Battle? – Fr. Jonathan Meyer.

Posted 6 February 2019:Bishop Barron – The Gospel of Saint You.

Posted 30 January 2019:Scott Hahn – Hail Holy Queen: Scripture and the Mystery of Mary.

Posted 23 January 2019:Ben Shapiro (Jewish Media Commentator) discusses media attack on catholic student who attended the US March for Life.

Posted 16 January 2019:World Over – Rise of Exorcisms, Fr. Vincent Lampert with Raymond Arroyo.

Posted 19 December 2018:Superman & Christmas – Archbishop Fulton Sheen..

Posted 12 December 2018:Eric Metaxas, author and pro-life advocate raises the abortion issue during a speech at a breakfast with pro-choice President and Lady Obama.

Posted 5 December 2018:An Interview About Everything—Eric Metaxas.

Posted 28 November 2018:The Eucharist – Steve Ray.

Posted 21 November 2018:Fr. Mark Goring and Dr Taylor Marshall Discuss Catholic Crisis (McCarrick and Vigano Analysis).

Posted 14 November 2018:Fr. James Martin’s LGBT Ministry.

Posted 7 November 2018:Matt Fradd sits down with Dan Mattson to discuss why he doesn’t call himself gay even though he’s sexually attracted to men.

Posted 31 October 2018:Patrick Madrid – Why be catholic?.

Posted 24 October 2018:Fr Mark Goring’s Testimony.

Posted 17 October 2018:Lizzie Reezay and Patrick Coffin— FULL interview.

Posted 10 October 2018: From Agnosticism to Catholicism: Matt Fradd Conversion Story – Part Two.

Posted 26 September 2018: From Agnosticism to Catholicism: Matt Fradd Conversion Story – Part One.

Posted 19 September 2018: Discusion on the Third Secret of Fatima.

Posted 12 September 2018:Has Pope Francis Changed the Church?—Ross Douthat interview.

Posted 5 September 2018:Bishop Barron Q&A about the Sexual Abuse Crisis.

Posted 29 August 2018:Speaking with a victim of clergy abuse from Pennsylvania.

Posted 22 August 2018:7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Catholic.

Posted 15 August 2018:A Conversation with the Man Behind the Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos.

Posted 8 August 2018:Christopher West: Healing Our Sexual Brokenness.

Posted 1 August 2018:Humanae Vitae, Cracking the Contraceptive Myths – Dr. Janet Smith, April 28, 2018.

Posted 25 July 2018:Bishop Barron on Silence and the Meaning of the Mass.

Posted 18 July 2018:Cardinal Robert Sarah – Address at the 12th Annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, May 17, 2016.

Posted 11 July 2018:John Paul II, thank you for standing out like a light in the darkness of this generation, reminding us of who we are.

Posted 4 July 2018: With Hearts Burning – Updated with Modules 2, 3 and 4 Summary Notes Included
– Submitted by Parishioner Ross Gregory

Posted 27 June 2018:A walk and talk about a scary new law in Australia–if you’re a Catholic priest, that is..

Posted 20 June 2018:Sister Rosalind Moss speaking at the coming home network.

Posted 13 June 2018:Bishop Barron reflects on priestly celibacy.

Posted 6 June 2018:The divine mercy chaplet sung.

Posted 30 May 2018:Final message from Pa Yvan

Posted 23 May 2018: Julie and Greg Alexander discuss marriage.

Posted 16 May 2018: Patrick Coffin show – We Are Hardwired for Beauty — Guest Christopher West.

Posted 9 May 2018: How I grew up atheist and ended up Catholic-Jennifer Fulwiler.

Posted 2 May 2018: Pa Yvan’s web site and reflections.

Posted 25 Apr 2018: Dietrich von Hildebrand • My Battle Against Hitler • Book Launch.

Posted 18 Apr 2018: A 40-minute documentary film focused on the Catholic Church’s teachings regarding homosexuality.

Posted 11 Apr 2018: Former Baptist preacher, Steve Ray defends the Eucharist.

Posted 4 Apr 2018: Father Spitzer discusses new evidence for the resurrection.

Posted 28 Mar 2018: The movie “Desire of Everlasting Hills” three individuals discuss their experiences and struggles with same sex attraction.

Posted 21 Mar 2018: Bishop Robert Barron talks about the Jorden Peterson Youtube phenomenon.

Posted 14 Mar 2018: Bishop Robert Barron comments on newly released movie “Lady Bird”.

Posted 7 Mar 2018: A conversation between two evangelists William Lane Craig and Bishop Robert Barron.

Posted 28 Feb 2018: The Confession (Best Short film of International Catholic Film Festival).

Posted 21 Feb 2018: Bishop Barron interviewed on issues facing the church.

Posted 14 Feb 2018: Bishop Barron comments on the problem of evil and suffering.

Posted 7 Feb 2018: Apologist Tim Staples discusses his book “Behold Your Mother” with Fr Mitch Pacwa

Posted 31 Jan 2018: Dr Scott Hahn Author of “Hail Holy Queen” discusses scriptural importance of Mary.

Posted 31 Jan 2018: With Hearts Burning – Summary Notes
– Submitted by Parishioner Ross Gregory