With Hearts Burning – Module 2

With Hearts Burning

Summary of Module Two

Jesus’ response – A Ministry of Presence

St Mary Star of the Sea Gisborne May 2018




is a collation of responses provided by five discussion groups

possible the actual words reported have been used and comments with similar
wording have been included together.

number of very specific and detailed suggestions because of their length have
not been included here but are held in their original form and are available
for viewing and discussion.  

original reports are held for reference.

Question One:

Am I a person who goes outside of myself?

·       Varies
dependent on personality, availability, previous experiences

·       Outreach
takes time and effort – it is difficult

·       Predominant
culture of our parish is reserved

·       Fear
of invading individual privacy

·       Outreach
is easier if there is a connection





Question Two

What is the response when I reach out to

·       Catholics
sometimes get a bad response and are challenged about their religion. Judged on
moral behaviour

·       Past
abuse scandals do not make it any easier

·       Any
outreach in the name of God is affective

·       Confidence
can be knocked but good response encourages people to do it again. Good to

·       Don’t
see myself as an “evangelist”

Question Three

What stops me from reaching out to others?

·       Maybe
laziness, shyness or preference for introversion

·       Fear
of rejection –barriers built up by previous rejection

·       Evangelists
not welcome in present society

How can I change this?

·       Need
to know myself, my boundaries, my limitations, my fears.

·       Need
to be vigilant to spot chances

·       Random
acts of kindness, smiles and music often brought responses

·       Model
a Catholic caring way so reach out through this means.

·       Local
church invitation to Joy Cowley resulted in a big turnout of non-church goers.

Question Four

How does your community reach out to families,
sick lonely and lost?

·       Good
outreach by individuals and groups in the parish. St Vincent de Paul, Legion of
Mary, Community communion ministry, Priests and Sisters, Hospital visitation,

·       Some
small group activities such as meetings for morning tea after masses in homes
and in cafes inviting others.

·       Significant
outreach after funerals. Managed by CWL in Parish centre.

·       The
priest” wears the smell of the sheep and the smile of the father”



Suggestions for Action

·       Need
for each person to be aware of “the other” Need to reach out

·       Need
change of mind set re living Christianity. Not only about beliefs but about
apostolic out reach

·       Need
to clarify rules around Baptism, marriage, funerals which are outside the
group’s knowledge.

Question Five

How do our schools reach out to new students
who have little or no faith background? (This response from a discussion group
based in the school)

·       Regular
religious instruction

·       Youth

·       Boys
breakfast group

·       Junior
Vinnies – very highly responded to by participants

·       Caritas
– challenges and activities

·       Interschool
activities – Chanel Shield

·       Schools
have children who want to be baptised and know of examples where families have

·       Full
credit to priests having a user friendly approach and presence in our schools.

·       Question
asked by group outside the schools “How is sin taught in our schools?”

Question Six

How much time is spent on administration and
management and by whom?

·       Diocesan
contact, BOT Meetings, Finance meetings, management, PLT by the priest.

·       Time
spent by Parish secretary and a number of volunteers

·        Involves
a very large amount of time. We are unaware of how much time is involved

Suggested Actions:

·       “Let
priests do what the priests do well” – shepherd.

·       “Shoulder
tapping “ people to use their talents

·       Develop
paticipative leadership  – eg Finance team, Communications team, Maintenance

·       Look
at succession planning

Question Seven and Eight

How do we reach out to families where there is
someone in prison or suffering from a range of social ills in our community?

·       People
who are struggling – ‘it should not just be agencies.’

·       Having
conversations with neighbours – back garden chats

·       “Being
there” – asking and answering the right questions at the right time.

·       Reach
out will include groups including St Vincent de Paul, Legion of Mary, Community
communion ministry, Priests and Sisters, Hospital visitation, Catholic Women’s
League, small tea groups

Question Nine

Are we Catholics who smile? Are we attractive
people of faith?

·       How to
share our faith – “to be happy and smiling’ – but not always!!!!!!

·       Depends
on the individual – an encounter uplifts the heart.

Question Ten

How do we as a parish community or school
become more present to people not practising their faith?

·       Look
at occasions to connect with people and provide opportunities to develop

·       Relate
as “brother and sister” and honour difference

·       Opportunities
for ecumenical sharing – shared services

·       Respect
the fact that there is a range of spiritualties in our community

·       Create
opportunities for people to explore different spiritualties and allow for the
expression of all. Eg Life in the Spirit, Meditation group,

Legion of Mary.





statement Module 2 from Men’s group


Those who
have walked away from the Church have to feel a need for the Church to want to

They have
to see the Church meeting a deep-down need within themselves.

God is a
part of this equation. God has instilled into all people a hunger for Truth, for
life with God.  God gently leads people to open up to people of Faith,
seeking Truth.


When people
speak to us we need to be very humble. When what they say is negative of the
Church, do we automatically become defensive/ judgemental?

Do we
really listen, process, comprehend and digest

Sometimes people are deliberately trying
to provoke us. We mustn’t attack back! We mustn’t over-react!


The Church must be seen to be listening to
the worries of people and responding to real needs within people’s lives.



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